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A one-of-a-kind, retail water store and cafe, located on historic Main Street in downtown Cherokee, IA.

Noggin Water is located in Cherokee, Iowa, specializing in purified and alkaline water, both bottled and refills, as well as specialty, enhanced waters. We also offer a wide array of bagel sandwiches, wraps, salads, smoothies, shave ice, Boba drinks and more! Noggin Water opened in 2016 as an alkaline and purified water store, providing bottled water and refills to the community and surrounding areas. We originally opened on Hwy 59 in Cherokee but in 2020 relocated to Main Street. In addition to our water refills and bottled waters, we also offer a wide variety of drinks made with our alkaline water and signature food options, including gluten-free and low carb options.

Our mission is producing and providing high quality, refreshing and beneficial alkaline water, beginning with its base of clean pure water and making it easily and widely available. From there creating fun, delicious drink options made with the alkaline water and unique food options with a healthy premise, all in a relaxed, friendly customer-centered atmosphere.

Our process begins with our purification machine, in which we pull the water from the local municipal water source and purify it through a fourteen-step procedure which includes reverse osmosis and multiple filters, and ends with a UV light to remove all impurities. Our purified water tests at zero parts per million! Once we have purified the water, we bathe the water in the alkaline minerals- calcium and magnesium. The water absorbs the minerals and takes on a negative charge and the alkalinity of the water is raised to over 10.

Patrons can bring in their own jugs to fill, alkaline water is $2.50 a gallon and purified water is only $0.25 a gallon. We will sanitize your jug, get it filled and help you out to your car. We also have a 24 hour vending unit available, so you never have to go without your Noggin Water.

Jugs are available for sale, with the first fill being free, and already bottled options as well as a variety of enhanced, specialty waters, created by Noggin Water. Some of these include Secret Water and Silver Water. Curbside service and delivery is also available. Our convenient location on Main Street, offers a quick and easy, in and out experience, for all your water needs!

Check out our Watering Hole Cafe menu with a wide variety of food and drink options now available.

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about noggin water

Through modern life and modern diet, the body ingests, creates, and improperly accumulates acids in the body, which can lead to an acidic-alkaline imbalance. Other factors that can affect the acidic-alkaline balance include stress, processed foods, air pollution, and contaminants found in tap water.  

When the body gets too acidic and out of balance it can cause low energy,  fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches, pains, and other health complications or disorders.

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