what is alkaline water and why you should drink it?

Through modern life and modern diet the body ingests, creates, and improperly accumulates acids in the body, which can lead to an acidic-alkaline imbalance. Other factors that can affect the acidic-alkaline balance include stress, processed foods, air pollution, and contaminants found in tap water. 

When the body gets too acidic and out of balance it can cause low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches, pains, and other health complications or disorders.

Noggin Water’s Alkaline water is made by first purifying the water down to zero parts per million. The purified water than bathes in alkaline minerals – calcium and magnesium – and flows out to our fill stations, always with a pH of 10.0+. The water gives the body alkaline minerals and negatively charged ions to aid in maintaining a proper pH balance.

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