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Alkaline Water Cherokee, Iowa

alkaline water

Purified water with calcium & magnesium; pH 10+

1/2 Liter $1.25
1 Liter $2.00
1 gallon $4.99
24 pk 1/2 Liter Case $24.99
24 pk Liter Case $46.69
Refills $2.50/Gallon
Secret Water Cherokee, Iowa

secret water

Alkaline water with vitamins B12 & D
Boosts energy and mood
Supports the immune system

1/2 Liter $2.25
1 Liter $3.99
1 Gallon $11.99
Alkaline Water Cherokee, Iowa

vitality water

Alkaline water with various fruits and roots including fulvic acid, suma root,ashwaganda root, and tongoat ali root Enhances stamina and mental function Boosts Immune Function
1/2 Liter $2.25
1 Liter $3.99
1 Gallon $11.99
Silver Water Cherokee, Iowa

silver water  $19.99

50 ppm nano-particle colloidal silver
Improvesimmune system’s ability to fight against viruses
Soothes burns, repairs skin and tissue damage

Alkaline Water Cherokee, Iowa

purified water  $0.25

Refill – $0.25/gallon

Ice in Cherokee, Iowa

alkaline ice $3

5 lb bag of cubed Alkaline Ice

*Tax not included

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